Wild Ambassadors

Forging humannature alliances

Our Work

This project, initiated by Elizabeth Oriel, is a citizen science project to help mitigate human-elephant conflict. Our work builds awareness of whole system health, such that human, elephant, and ecosystem health are one and the same. The project utilizes science and social science as frameworks and tools to collect data on elephants, to tell stories about, reflect on and give voice to both farming communities and elephants, and conduct an experiment to improve soil health. This interdisciplinary approach, merging science, politics, and the personal, matches the complexity and interrelatedness of the challenges.


Our team is internationally and ethnically diverse, as is our expertise– in biology, politics, agriculture, journalism, and advocacy– and we extend across these boundaries. Beings of all kinds are participants in our projects. We are committed to (re) generating a world of alliances with natural systems.

Elizabeth Oriel, MSc, MPhil, PhD candidate is a conservation biologist and social scientist. She works on non-human animal thriving and wellbeing, and on cohabitation among humans and other species.


Elizabeth’s email: lizzieoriel@gmail.com.

We are accepting donations now to help with equipment purchases and travel expenses. A donate button will be added here shortly.

Donations are run through our sister organization, TerraMar Research. http://www.terramarresearch.org/.

Thank you!!